We write to advertise the availability of our products, Gold Dore bars in bulk quantities. We have Gold Dore bars in stock for sale looking for a buyer worldwide for a long-term business relationship with our firm. As we mine and also represent a large number of local miners, we are capable to provide quantities up to 100 kilograms of 22/23+ karat Gold Dore bars monthly.

PRICE................. $34,000 per kilo
PURITY.................98.85% or better
QUANTITY...............100 kilos monthly or more

A buyer will not make any upfront payment whatsoever. Our company is in partnership with a financier organization and they are ready to finance the entire shipment for one year without the buyer's upfront payment. A buyer will be required to issue a Standby Letter of credit (SBLC) as a guarantee to the financier and our product and we shall commence the delivery of 100 kilograms or more per a month together with their representative to the buyer's refinery for the final assay. And after the final assay and the buyer is satisfied with the purity obtained, then the buyer will order his/her bank to pay us for quantity supplied through MT103 whereas the Standby Letter of credit remains as a guarantee for more delivery for one year. A mandate/broker is welcome to work with us and we shall offer 10% commission.

We are looking forward to do business with you.

Yours sincerely,

Johnson Appiah
Sales Manager
Omega Gold Company Ghana Ltd
38 Akoto Bamfo Street, off Agbogba Road, North Legon, Accra.
Postal Address: P.O. Box GH9064.
Cell: +233-561-786-058
Tel: +233-303-967-672
E-mail:sales@omegagoldcompany.com / info@omegagoldcompany.com