Sma Arabia Company is in contact with governmental mines in Egypt, we can deal for delivering a high variety of minerals. We are leader for the following minerals

Phosphate rock Grades from 21 % up to 31% of P2O5
Gypsum ore CaSo4 2h2o Min.94.5%
Ilmenite ore Fe 34 % - 38%
Iron ore Fe 50 % - 65%
Ball clay
Pisolitic kaolinite
Magnetite ore MgO Min. 40%
Quartz ore SiO2 99.6 %
Fluorite ore CaF2
Manganese ore MnO2
Talc Ore

Services we provide as follows:

Our quantities of cargo is supplies from government companies
We have our registered labs for analysis
We have the ability to export from all Egyptian ports (saga- hamrawein –abughusun-alexandria- Damietta) to any country in the world
We can load row material both in bulk and in bags
We will ordered a third party company to observe the cargo and operation and result of analysis and make draft survey
All quantities required and charter party will be executed within one month from the order date
Any specified analysis can be done
We can give constant prices still for 6 months from chartering date.

We are not broker chain, dealing will be with the source.

If you have questions about a mineral and it is not listed, do not hesitate and contact us.

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