Well dried Gallstones of Ox and Cow available, well dried and available up to  1.5 kg per month!  We  have for immediate export well dried, raw natural ox gallstones
Price depends on ratio of wholestone / brokenstone.

wholestone / brokenstone ratio is 80% / 20%
wholestone / brokenstone ratio is 70%/30%
wholestone / brokenstone ratio is 60%/40%

Shipping via DHL ,FEDEX
let us t us know if you need to buy cow/ox gallstone and whether you are capable to take the whole lot or part. we look forward to receive your interest and order confirmation.we are also interested in creating a good business relationship with those who contact us for more details.Please include your email address when sending us a request.

*About prices: *
The prices of stones are relatively high now and prices reflect quality .
   Ratio of : 70/30 ......... $16- $21 usd/gram depending on quantity ordered.
   Ratio of : 80/20 ..........$23 -32  usd/gram depending on quantity ordered.

Payment terms :Payment by Bank Transfer .

Email us directly via our company email below


Brazil head office
CSS  Marketing Group
28 Rua Santa Bonis, , Brazil
Av Senador Attilio
Telephone +55 11 95199-4649
Telephone : +55 44 98179-4349


Address in USA
CSS  Marketing Group
283 shore-wood **
Dr Richmond ,Virginia,**USA*
Telephone:+1(703) 672-524

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