Your search for best quality, best price ICUMSA 45 Brazil Sugar has ended. We have it here.

All prices CIF
12,500MT X 12 months: USD300/MT
25,000MT X 12 months: USD280/MT
50,000MT X 12 months: USD260/MT
100,000MT X 12 months: USD240/MT
150,000MT X 12 months: USD225/MT
200,000MT X 12 months: USD220/MT

Commission for Brokers included. Email or Whatsapp me for details.
Serious Buyers or Brokers only and MUST comply with the procedures below. FIRM:

If agreed with the price per volume (you know you will agree, right?), then we'll skip to ICPO directly.

1. Buyer issue ICPO with Buyer banking details (Bank needs to be from one of the Top 50 Western Banks)
2. Seller provide draft SPA
3. Buyer sign draft SPA
4. Seller send final SPA
5. Buyer signs and returns final SPA
6. Within 5 banking days, Buyer to provide SBLC for agreed amount as Guarantee
7. Seller to provide PB 2%
8. Seller to provide POP
9. Monthly shipment starts
10. Payment monthly by MT103 upon receipt of goods

Payment must be made at Port of Loading.

Please email me or Whatsapp for next steps.