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descriptionOrgtec's Introduction EmptyOrgtec's Introduction

Hello everybody,

Orgtec Consulting & Trading, LDA, is a Portuguese company that has been in business for over 10 years in the consulting business.

We have had some Trading activity in the Commodities market for Copper, Edible and non-Edible oils as well as others like Wheat, Grains and other metals.

We have had Buyers that require big quantities of these commodities and we have Sellers that provide us with very good prices and conditions.

As a Buyer of Commodities, we require Sellers that can prove that they have the product through POP and can give good conditions and fair prices.

We can sift through this market, eliminating "Sellers" that are looking for an easy scam and create secure and fair conditions for our Buyers. Our Payment Conditions do not include Advanced Payments.

If you are a serious Buyer, please send us your request for a quotation with a minimum information on Commodity, Quantity, Packaging Details, Contract, Preferred Conditions, Delivery Destination and we will try to fulfill your request.

If you are a Seller, present your offering as detailed as possible with Price, Origin, Payment Terms, Specs and Availabilty.  :evil:  :evil:  :evil: If your Payments Conditions include Advanced Payments before shipping, do not even bother to contact, we do not accept any request for Advanced Payment for any reason whatsoever :evil:  :evil:  :evil: .

We have requirements for FOB, CIF, EXW always using some type of LC Guarantee in order to secure your order

Please contact us.

Carlos Coelho
+351 966963739
Whatsapp: +351 966963739
Skype: charlie_rabbit
Email: orgtec@orgtec.pt
ORGTEC Business Consulting & Trading, LDA
Rua Dr. Fernando Araújo de Barros, 209, 55
St. Maria de Avioso
4485-076 Maia, Portugal, EU

descriptionOrgtec's Introduction EmptyOffer for copper ore concentrate, Origin: México

Dear Carlos

Thank you for your e-mail and information.

We are JL Global Services www.jlglobalservices.com.co mandate end-sellers for exporters on coffee, cocoa, fruits, meat and minerals from Colombia, Peru, Chile and others.

Please see in the following link our Corporate introduction:

As follows, you will find offer for copper ore concentrate, we hope to receive your official ICPO from end buyer.

We hope to establish long-term relationship business and closing deals!

Best Regards.,

CEO – Business Developer
Mobile Phone: + 57 316 334 5371 (WhatsApp)
Phone: + 57 1 7508292
E-Mail: globaltrade@jlglobalservices.com.co
Skype ID: javierarles
Website: www.jlglobalservices.com.co
Bogotá, Colombia (South America)

Appearance: Powder
Copper Content: 20-30% Min. – 32-35% Max or 320 to 350 Kgs. per Metric Ton.
Other content: 8 % grs. Gold and 200 grs. Silver per metric ton.
Granulation: 0.02mm.
Free From: Harmful Substances
Radiation: Certified Fully NON-radioactive
CONTRACT QUANTITY: 3/5,000/MT every 30/45 days (Ship Load)
PERIOD OF SHIPMENTS: 12 (Twelve) MONTHS with Possible rolls and extensions.
INSPECTION: Inspection will be performed by SGS International Inspection Agency At the Port of Loading.
FOR PAYMENT: Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading, SGS Inspection Report Certificate on Quality and Quantity, Original Certificate of Origin.
TYPE OF CONTRACT: FOB LOADED Into Vessel at Port of Loading.
PRICE: US$/MT –Gross, US$/MT Net, with price set at time of contract, based on discount to LME based on % of copper concentrate.
The date of the Bill of Lading shall be considered the date of lifting and delivery.
The whole quantity in Metric Tons as agreed in the Sales-Purchase Contract, will be shipped within 30/45 days from receipt of the L/C.
One set of the following documents consisting of three originals and three non-negotiable copies will be furnished
By the Seller:
• Commercial Invoice
• Ocean Bill of Lading marked “Clean on Board” signed by an authorized representative of the shipping lines, signed by the Master, and showing Vessel’s stamp.
• Certification of Weight and Quality issued by SGS.

The Seller guarantees to his account the shipment of copper ore be provided with an inspection of weight and quality at the time of loading and such certificates shall be provided by SGS or similar authority at Seller’s expense which shall be deemed to be final and binding on both Parties. Seller instructs said authority to carry out the inspection.

• Buyer shall submit a BCL (Bank Comfort Letter) to prove Buyer’s Financial Capability on Buyer’s Banker Letterhead signed by two banking officers.
• A Letter of Intent (LOI), Full Corporate Offer (FCO) or Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO). We will provide Our Own Formats. It is very important that the bank must be one of the Top 50 Prime Banks.
We regret we are unable to entertain any Non-Prime Banks unless L/C is confirmed by a Prime Bank. On receipt of the said two letters we shall present the actual SELLER’S FCO and/or Draft Contract.
• Documents shall be negotiable and payable 100% at sight at the counter of the Seller’s Bank upon presentation of the shipping documents, advising and confirming fees shall be for Buyer’s Account.
1. Buyer receives Soft Corporate Offer from end seller, signs it on acceptance and issues an LOI (Letter of Intent) or an FCO (Full Corporate Offer), along with BCL.
2. Seller Issues Full Corporate Offer in favor of the Buyer.
3. Buyer signs FCO and return it to the Seller,
4. Seller issues draft contract open for amendments,
5. Buyer return signed contract to the Seller,
6. Seller and Buyer will exchange legalized and registered contract through courier and lodge with their respective banks.
7. Seller’s Bank issued POP (Proof of Product) via Swift to Buyer’s Bank to include documents listed below:
8. The Buyer/Buyer’s Bank issued an Irrevocable, Fully Funded BG (Bank Guarantee) issued by a Prime Top 50 World Bank, acceptable to the Seller/Seller’s Bank for the financial period agreed in the contract.
The Buyer’s bank forwards certified copies of the BG, MT-103 or MT-760 or Financial Instrument(s) signed by two banking officers, confirming the BG/Financial Instruments are in the name of the Seller, for full value in favor of the Seller for the financial period agreed in the contract.
The Seller shall issue its Performance Bond, to the Buyer’s Bank within 10-15 Banking Days after the receipt of the Certified Copy / Operative Financial Instrument(s) from the Buyer’s Bank.
Once the Buyer receives the Performance Bond, shipments commence loading within 30-45 days.
8.1 The Seller shall provide all inspection documentation required in the contract from SGS, CCIC (where available), or other accepted agencies with each shipment.
8.2 Seller has all Export Permits & Licenses issued by the Mexican Government.

Port berth rights are in the hands of the agency that takes care of the logistics from the mine(s) to the loading port and the Ocean Freight Lines acting as a Forwarding Agent and Mexican Customs Broker legally authorized by The Mexican Treasury Department Customs Division and it is a very serious and reputable company dedicated to Import/Export services since many years ago.

Once buyer and Seller have all documents in place along with Financial Liquid Instruments along with Sales Purchase Contract signed and accepted by both parts, and the deposit SBLC is in Seller’s Bank, Seller will start delivering the product that will be deposited in the patio of the Free Trade Zone at loading port until full load is completed and loaded into vessel.

All parties hereto irrevocably and covenant no to circumvent any person or company or entity involved in these transactions directly or indirectly, by any means or device or any manner whatsoever. It is further agreed and covenanted that this transaction shall in no way to be divulged or revealed to any party outside the confines of this transactions. This non- circumvention, non-disclosure shall be in accordance with the requirements of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Paris, France and shall be enforceable for (5) five years from the dated hereto.

This FCO issued by the seller/seller representative shall supersede any and all prior offer. This FCO is valid until 7 days and subject to renewal at the option of the seller otherwise this FCO shall become expired, null or void. No changes, alterations, or substitutions shall be permitted unless the same shall be notified in writing and signed by both parties.

The Further Terms in the draft contract, upon signed by the parties will replace the FCO.


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