Notification of credit operations is provided, it follows:

1) Lines of Credit with guarantee of: Property, Truck, and Bus, for personal customer or company.
2) Lines of Credit for Companies, Industries, Agribusiness, Network of Fuel Stations, Network of Pharmacies, Hypermarkets, etc.
3) Banks, in Brazil, or abroad.
4) Issue, and Monetization of: BG, SBLC, LC, PPP.
5) Garbage Power Plant, Renewable Energy, and Solar Energy.
6) Real Estate Investment Fund for approved construction projects, and duly documents.
7) Securitization of Assets - Euroclear, etc.
Cool Gold, and Diamonds, only the agents of both the sale, as well as the purchase.

1) Credit Lines: You must fill out a basic form, request it by e-mail.
2) relevant information to issue, monetization of: BG, SBLC, and LC email the transaction of interest.
3) Projects related to: Garbage Plant, Renewable Energy, and Solar send pertinent information by e-mail.
4) Housing project should be sent the project by e-mail.
5) Gold, and Diamond, send information of sale, or purchase by email, remembering that without information nor will I respond.

I will only accept proposals through the procedures described above . I do not give any information in advance.