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descriptionAgri product

Dear sir,

We have product

1,Basmati rice , white sella ,Steam sella, Golden sella Basmati rice

2, Non basmati rice ,ir 64 parboiled & white 5% broken rice, ir 8 ,ir 6

3, Wheat Grade 1,2,& Flour Brad, Rot ti

4, Soybean Human or Animal & meal

5, Yellow corn & White maize Human animal feed

6, Sugar icumsa -45,IC 100,IC150,IC800/1200,Origin: Brazil,Thailand, Indian Sugar S30

,7, All kinds of Oils , Crude &
Sunflower oil, crude & Soybean oil, Crude &
Palmon oil, Crude & Corn oil,Olive oil, Coconut oil,Sesame oil,Peanut oil,
Uco oil,

8,, Frozen Chicken & Lamb Mutton ,Beef

9, Kablick Chickpeas

10, Green peas, yellow peas ,Sesame seed,Mung Beans,Red Kidney Beans,White Kidney Beans,Raw Peanuts,Cotton seeds

11, Semi Hulk Coconut

12, Cavendish Bananas

13, Fresh white Garlic

14, Indian Spices , Coriander Seeds

15, Aluminum & ingots

16, Cooper Mallbery

17, Copper Mugs & Kitchenware

And More product Availability here
send our Quantity requirement,

Best regard
Mr, Anna
Mobil/Whats App/Viber: +91-9894753461
Email: appleglobal61@gmail.com or avsglobaltraders@gmail.com
Skyp: avs20125

descriptionRe: Agri product

Dear all,

My name is Serhii Zaikovskyi.
I represend Agrotransatlantic LLC, Kyiv (Ukraine).

We are reliable supplier of agricultoral commodities Ukrainian origin such as:
- peas (yellow, green)
- soybean oil
- sunflower oil
- all kinds of grains
- wheat flour
- coriander
- flax seeds
- deminiralized whey powder

and many otther products.
Our websites:

skype: dashaonelove69
mobile (viber/whasaap): +38 063 59 62 682
email: s.zaykovskyy@agrotransat.com.ua
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