We are a company with a variety of products, meeting the needs of international markets, so we focus on 3 industries: Fresh, Industry, and Reclicle.

In this segment we offer natural, primary and processed products in Colombia, such as Banana, Limon tahiti, Pineapple, Hass Avocado, Plantain Hartón.

INDUSTRY: Products for industries such as Marine Salt and Cane Molasses.

RECICLE: Ferrous scrap, mixed scrap, recycled aluminum, recycled lead, recycled paper and cardboard, plastics and other recycled products that contribute to the improvement of the wellbeing of our environment and at the same time generate support for recycling with economic incentives.

NANEX SAS has as its objective and mission to acquire recognition for being a trading company that not only produces assets for its partners, but at the same time contributes to the improvement of the environment with its work of exporting recycled material contributing and encouraging the recycling, In addition to improving the conditions of our Colombian peasants through the purchase of their products at favorable prices.

VISION: Nanex SAS is seen in 10 years as a company recognized in the national and international market for its fulfillment, responsibility, high standards of quality and social work, with a labor contribution of 10 well-paid people, working hard to stop being a micro enterprise And become a great company.

 Business consulting specialized in foreign trade.
 Business consulting specialized in international business.
 Design of logistics processes for export and import.
 Application of logistics processes
 Search for reliable suppliers for both imports and exports.