Stainless Steel Wire Cloth-Mesh Aperture up to 25Microns
is made in rolls on a loom. It consists of a warp and weft wire and the openings can be made in square or rectangle shapes

Raw Materials
Our stainless steel wire mesh is generally of stainless steel304, 304L, 316, 316Letc. We also produce special material according to customer request.

1)Square hole, warp wire and weft wire are of equal size.
2)Accurate in mesh size, high flow rate.
3)High efficient screening, good stability, high opening rate, Low pressure loss.
4)Flat surface, wear-resistant, good air permeability, firm in structure, easy to clean.

1)Architectural mesh
2)Filtration for liquid or gas
3)Fly screen/Security mesh
4)Food Processing
6)Plastic & Rubber Extrusion Industry
7)Screen printing on glassware, printed circuit boards

Woven types and specification
Plain weave
Mesh 3 mesh to 300mesh
Roll width 1000mm to 1500mm
Length 30m rolls
Twill weave
Mesh 40 mesh to 635mesh
Roll width 1000mm to 1200mm
Length 30m rolls
stainless steel screen packed in rolls, winding on a paper tube, wrapped in moistureproof paper or plastic film, outside wooden cases or wooden pallet. For more details,please check

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