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We have fuel origin, / Brazil, / Russia
best global refineries,
gasoline / petroleum, diesel oil and others.
November 2017.
business manager: carlos jose,

We serve several countries.
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Offer of Fuel for sale rq-fcl. '/ November 2017,
As your request follows the data and procedures for the purchase of fuel.
Sale of Fuel for sale Contract 12 months, extensive with readjustments.
Value per liter:
v Hydrated Ethanol R $ 1.97, with all fees and commission included;
v Anhydrous Ethanol R $ 2.07, with all fees and commission included;
v Gasoline A R $ 2.92, with all taxes included,
v Diesel S 10 R $ 2,52, with all taxes included.

Taxes all paid from the origin, always with invoice.
Gasoline and Diesel any port, prompt delivery in Santos where starts 3 first months, always has stock. After this time you can deliver to your destination port.
Ethanol = Paulinia / interior
Ethanol Mato Grosso MT or Paraná PR.
           Obs. Panama Ship 20, 30 or 50m³
01) Letter of intent to purchase on behalf of:
With the following information: Product intended; quantity, price
Send in an attachment to register these documents: CNPJ; anp number, bank coordinates and proof of funds
It will be passed by diligence, will have the trade contact
Subsequently called to personally introduce proof of close business funds and sign the contract.
After sending the letter of agreement, along with all the documentation indicated below, will be sent the contract of commissioning and contract of sale. The trade of the same GAM group that is the direct sale will contact Mr. for adjustments and withdrawal logistics.
02) Payments on Wheels and for ship 48 hours before docking in Porto = Letter of credit.
03) Delivery guarantee for 12 months will be the contract itself.
O4) Charging schedule after contract signature.
05) What guarantees the commission is the commissioning contract, made between intermediary company and buyer.
06) Buyer must have registration with the ANP and proof of liquidity.
07) The loading capacity will be distributed from Monday to Saturday on the volume contracted.
08) Commission paid for the purchase outside the price of the supply contract. As set value.
09) Botton under the truck.
10) No Tipping and No Transshipment
We look forward to your contact and we are available for further clarification.