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Property for sale of 9 thousand hectares in Caxias - Maranhão - Brazil

on Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:52 pm
Hello ..

I wanted to present a business opportunity with your mr.

A property to business with great value and excellent improvements.

Attached is a property for sale with several improvements and all documented.

It is not all fenced, but has enough wood to fence the whole.

100% Flat area.

Municipality of Caxias / MA

LOCATION: 40 km from Teresina, by BR 316 that goes to São Luiz, arriving at the city of Caxias, bordering almost 20 km. And Estrada MA034, which goes to Coelho Neto, also cuts the farm.


DOCUMENTATION 100% in order.

Inside the property has a school, workshop, warehouse, 9 houses, 1 accommodation and an office (SEDE).

BUSINESS PARK under construction in the middle of the farm. At 8 km from Caxias, the roadside, in the middle of the farm, in 100 ha is under construction the Business District, with asphalt, energy, water, sewage.

100% Flat area.

1.108 Lots at launch within the city and near the property.

Easy formation of pasture (LIVESTOCK). Of the 9 thousand ha, there is an opportunity for 3,000 / 4,000 heads, with no grass training needs.

25 km to BR-316 from Shopping Caxias / MA

The value of the property is R $ 1,450.00 real value per hectare in the entire property.

The value of the property to sell a part is of R $ 1,600.00 the value per hectare.

Total price of property R $ 13.050.000,00 real BR.

Requirement for interested parties:

The primary means of purchase will be cash.

If there is interest in visiting the property schedule with at least 3 weeks in advance with documentation and letter of intent to purchase for authorization at the entrance.
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